Ferrari 296 GT3, first look at the heir to the 488 GT3

Ferrari showed the first pictures (sketches actually) of the 296 GT3. This is the heir to the 488 GT3 that we will see from next year in the GT series and from 2024 also at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The new car, therefore, will collect the very heavy legacy of the 488 GT3 which, in its standard and Evo 2020 configurations, has so far obtained 107 titles from the debut race, with 429 victories out of 770 starts.

The Ferrari designers were able to take advantage of the experience accumulated with the previous car to develop the new 296 GT3. Looking at the very first images shared by the Prancing Horse, it can be seen as the aerodynamics have been particularly taken care of with truly extreme solutions. In front, one cannot fail to notice the new very pronounced splitter and curved on the sides.

You can then see the wider track, the new alloy wheels, the large air vents in the front wheel arches, the large rear wing and the large diffuser. Solutions carefully developed to make the car extremely effective on the track. More details will certainly emerge over the next few months when track tests begin.

Regarding the engine, Ferrari did not want to communicate the technical specifications. The Prancing Horse only limited itself to remembering that, due to the technical regulations, the 6-cylinder will not have an electric unit present in the 296 GTB that we had the opportunity to test. Therefore, in order to know the exact numbers of the engine it will be necessary, even in this case, to wait for further communications from Ferrari.

The 296 GT3 is currently under construction at the Oreca di Signes plant. A very interesting project, therefore, that will mark the return to the track of a Ferrari equipped with a 6-cylinder engine. All that remains is to wait for further news on the development of this supercar for the Prancing Horse track.

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