Foxconn stops production in Shenzhen: lockdown due to pandemic

The script seems to repeat itself two years after the start of the pandemic. Shenzhen factories and companies are forced to shut down due to the lockdown willing to counter the spread of the virus. Businesses providing non-essential services have been closed, the 17 million people residing in the area will be tested. Last Saturday the new cases of Covid-19 recorded in the area were 3,393, of which 1,807 of domestic transmission. It is the highest figure since February 2020, when the pandemic began.

Among the factories forced to suspend operations in Shenzhen there is Foxconn, a world leader in the consumer electronics manufacturing market as well as a supplier to companies such as Apple and Samsung. The Taiwanese giant has announced that it will stop production at the Longhua and Guanlan plants until new provisions are made. But Shenzhen is also the technological hub where other major Chinese companies such as Huawei, Oppo, TCL And Tencentwhich could also be affected by the negative effects of the stop.

It must be said that China, since the beginning of the pandemic, has followed a very rigorous approach to managing the emergency, arranging lockdowns even in the presence of a small number of cases. in the most populous cities to prevent a wider spread across the country. At the moment it is not possible to predict the impact that the new lockdown will have on the production of electronic products: the measure will remain in force at least until March 20, then the situation will be reassessed. The event certainly does not help a sector that is already facing the crisis of chips, logistics and the dynamics triggered by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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