FRITZ! Box 7590 AX International arrives in Italy, WiFi sets the arrow | Price

There is a new FRITZ! Box 7590 from AVM. This is the brand new version of the model announced by the German company three years ago at the Mobile World Congress, now updated with the latest technologies available. It is a top of the range product with WiFi 6 – its official name also reminds us of it, FRITZ! Box 7590 AX Edition International – and speeds up to 300Mbps. The device was previewed during the 2022 edition of the MWC.

Increase efficiency, therefore, just as it is now easier with this new solution to manage multiple applications at the same time: ideal especially in contexts such as viewing content in 4K. As seen also in the recently launched modem routers – FRITZ! Box 7510 and FRITZ! Box 5590 Fiber there are Gigabit LAN, USB 3.0, DECT and Smart Home app.

The net WiFi Mesh allows you to have the best connection throughout the house by combining the wireless nodes distributed in the network – Box + Repeater – and smartphones, as well as all other devices connected to the network, can switch from one access point to another completely automatically and without ever disconnecting.

FRITZ! Box 7590 AX Edition International is offered at the price of 319.99 euros. More information is available at the link in SOURCE.

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