Galaxy Tab S8, not even he is saved: reduced performance and Geekbench ban

Samsung’s new tablets in the Galaxy Tab S8 family also end up in the “GOS storm”. Brief summary for those who do not know what it is: in the last few weeks Samsung has ended up at the center of a controversy linked precisely to the GOS (in full Game Optimizing Service), which is a service present in the last four generations of Galaxy that intervenes to limit the performance of smartphones during gaming sessions (in order to better manage temperatures and reduce energy expenditure), but does not activate while running the benchmarks.

In short, the scores marked on the card do not correspond to those recorded in real use scenarios: for this reason Geekbench, a well-known platform dedicated to benchmarks, has decided to exclude Samsung phones with GOS from its database. The response of the Korean giant, however, was lightning-fast, with the release of an update for the Galaxy S22 flagship range that allows you to disable the execution of GOS.


However, from a test conducted by AndroidPolice, it seems that GOS is also present on Samsung tablets, including the latest arrivals Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S8 + and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, which we gave you a first taste of in our preview. The test consisted of running a particular version of the app Geekbench disguised, however, to make the system believe it was a game, and specifically Genshin Impact.

As can be seen from the table below, the difference in scores reported between the “trojan horse” app and the authentic one are evident, with single-thread CPU performance decreased from 18 to 24%, and multi-core ones since 6 to 11%.

In short, it seems that GOS clicks to limit performance even on the latest Samsung tablets. And it would also be a novelty, since the Galaxy Tab S7, S7 FE and S5e instead behave practically the same way in both scenarios, with a minimum deviation that falls within the tolerance margin of the natural differences between a recording and the ‘other.


At the moment the Galaxy Tab S8 series has not yet been aggregated to the database of Geekbench. The platform, questioned about the matter by AndroidPolice, has announced that it will not approve the benchmarks of the new Samsung tablets, thus applying – as expected – the same policy adopted with smartphones.

Regarding Samsungstill there were no reruns: but considering how quickly he reacted on the phone front, it is possible that at the same time it has already started to work to extend the possibility of disabling GOS also on tablets, and that therefore this can soon be implemented through a specific software update.


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