Google also allows Android to delete the history of the last 15 minutes

With several months behind its iOS counterpart, Google confirmed to The Verge that the ability to quickly delete the last 15 minutes of searches done through your app is also coming to Android. The option will appear for all users over the next few weeks and it is very easy to check if it is already available on your account: just open the Google app on an Android device, press the account icon and look for the “Delete last 15 minutes “.

The novelty was announced during the Google I / O last May and already in July it was enabled for iOS users, with the promise that Android users would also receive the update within the year. It is not known exactly what the reasons for the delay were but 10 months after we talked about it for the first time, finally in a few days everyone will be able to delete the data relating to the last minutes of navigation with a click.

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