Google Pixel 7 may be smaller and arrive sooner than expected

For this reason, it is not surprising that the first renders that anticipate the design of Pixel 7 And Pixel 7 Proand if today other rumors arrive from a particularly reliable source, namely DSCC analyst Ross Young.

The information that Young provides on Twitter are two: the first is that Pixel 7, the basic modelit may have a smaller display than the Pixel 6. If you are imagining a compact smartphone, however, you are out of the way: the variation should in fact be minimal, going from 6.4 inches of the current model to 6.3 in.

This means that the similarities with the previous generation of Pixel 7 will not be limited to the aesthetics, but also to the dimensions, albeit with small differences. As for Pixel 7 Proinstead, the dimensions of the panel should remain unchanged compared to the 6.7 inches seen on the Pixel 6 Pro.

The other indiscretion spread by Young has to do with the launch of the devices. In fact, the analyst states that Display shipments are expected to start in May, a month earlier than for Pixel 6.

This discrepancy could lead us to believe, therefore, that Google has planned for its next smartphones a early launch compared to the usual mid-October window. Or even that big G has in mind to produce a larger drive volumeat this turn, which is why it would be necessary to trigger the gears of the production machine earlier than usual.

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