Google, YouTube, Gmail and Meet down in Italy | Resolved

GoogleYouTube and other products from the house of Mountain View have been subject to disservices shortly after 14.00 today. It is not yet known what exactly caused the problem and how extensive it was. The peak of reports in Italy he checked in around 2.15pm. The situation is currently being resolved.

The problems related to Google reported by Italian users involved in most cases a total blackout, in other cases difficulties in using the search functions.

For YouTube, however, difficulties were reported in the use of the application and in the management of video streaming. Finally, Meet users reported difficulties in accessing the website, problems with the app and related to audio quality.

Some problems also for Gmail, mainly due to the use of the website.

Since these are interconnected services, all headed by Google, it is likely that the cause is to be found upstream, for example in the cloud infrastructure. But official updates are expected.

As always, we will update the article as soon as noteworthy changes emerge.


The situation appears to have returned to normal.


Google took prompt action to resolve the problem. Reports of outages are now on the decline.

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