Gran Turismo 7 teaches us why single player always online is not a good idea

The advent of online has created a new way to play and share your gaming experiencesbut unfortunately it also led to obvious distortionsas in the case of many titles designed specifically for the single player – or in any case with an online component quite distinct from the single player one – which are found at wherer to deal with the typical problems of an online game without having any benefit.

This is the case with Gran Turismo 7which is right now exposing all the problems deriving from a very senseless choice, that is to request an always active connection also for the single player component of the new Polyphony Digital title, under penalty of being able to access an incredibly limited offline mode in functionality. But what exactly is going on?


Following the implementation of the 1.07 update – which has already caused several criticisms of its own, but we’ll get to it later – there was a need to run emergency server maintenancea fact that has essentially cut out Gran Turismo 7 players from accessing even the single player mode, effectively making the game unusable until the work is completed.

The inability to access the game servers has serious consequences on what players can do on Gran Turismo 7: the only available modes are in fact the arcade one (with a very limited selection of cars) and the Music Rally, while it is completely out. question access your career save, garage and all other functions. In practice, the game is reduced to a demo a little more extensive than usual.

It is clear how this represents a very serious problemespecially when it happens that the extraordinary maintenance lasts for almost a day, making a game that is completely unusable it would not need an online connection for its single player component. Or maybe not?


Yes, because in reality there is a reason why the game requires you to always remain online and is not linked only to elements directly related to the gameplay of the title, but to its microtransaction system. Inside Gran Turismo 7 it is indeed possible to buy cars and spare parts with credits that come with racing and other activities, however it is possible speed up everything with the direct purchase of the same via PlayStation Storethus introducing an element that necessarily requires a constantly present connection, in order to avoid manipulation of the system.

And it is precisely the aspect of microstransactions that is at the center of the criticisms that have accompanied itlatest update to the game, which has made all activities within Gran Turismo 7 much less profitablethus offering the player the alternative of buying with real money as a more efficient and direct system, given that it is now more difficult to get credits just by playing. Recall that the GT7 microtransactions come to require almost 40 euros for the purchase of certain vehicles; prices that are not tolerable even in a classic free to play, let alone in a title offered at full price.


The whole matter is clearly a misstep on the part of Sony and Polyphony Digital, who have focused on an overly aggressive monetization system in a game that has a very long time horizon ahead of it as regards its longevity.

GT7 is here to stay for the whole generation and to represent one of the leading exponents of the competitive sim racing scene in the coming years, hence the choice of milk everything right away and obviously a fall in style, considering that the game has all the time it needs to monetize even in the long run. In addition to this, this element requires a system that is always online which, as we have seen, is more problematic than anything else; was there really no other solution?


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