Hogwarts Legacy, here we go. A dedicated State of Play is coming: date and time

The rumors of February, which spoke of a launch in 2022 (and precisely in September), could be well founded. Warner Bors, Games and PlayStation have in fact just announced one State of Play entirely dedicated to Hogwarts Legacyaction RPG inspired by the Harry Potter universe and developed by Avalanche Studios.

Once again the announcement of the event precedes it slightly, since the appointment is set for Thursday 17 March at 10pm Italian time: we will follow it together live on HDBlog’s Twitch channel (which, as a result of the curse Imperiusyou will register right now if you haven’t done so yet).

Little is known about the title for now, since after the announcement trailer, shown in September 2020, nothing more was known. The game will be set in the universe invented by JK Rowling but in a time long before the events of the Harry Potter saga, and will allow you to explore the mysteries of Hogwarts in the 1800s.

But with this State of Play things will change: in total the live it will last about 20 minutesof which well 14 will be dedicated to gameplay sessions captured on PlayStation 5.

Such a strong exposure, added to the rumors mentioned at the beginning that already spoke of a launch within the year, make us believe that it will be the right occasion not only to see the game in action, but also to know the release date (despite the marketing link with Sony, the title is cross-platform and will be released not only on PS4 and PS5, but also on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC).

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