IED and Alpine, here is the A4810 Project hydrogen supercar

The European Institute of Design (IED) developed in collaboration with Alpine a concept of a hydrogen supercar call A4810 Project. The arrival of this concept was anticipated by a teaser at the beginning of March. The car is the result of the work of 28 students of the Master in Transportation Design of the European Institute of Design (IED). The result is a supercar that combines Alpine tradition with new propulsion technologies.

The Alpine A4810 Project concept measure 5,091 mm long x 2,010 mm wide x 1,055 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,717 mm. The car is a two-seater and is characterized by aerodynamic choices inspired by the world of Formula 1. To design the car’s shapes, the students imagined what supercars might look like in 2035.

The profile offers an alternation between full and empty spaces that gives the vehicle a certain lightness and aerodynamic characteristics inspired by the world of Formula 1. The designers have focused on the overlapping of the lines and the sculpted profile. Two-tone colors, matte black and carbon fiber accents create a bold contrast with the various elements of the car, emphasizing its functions: aerodynamic, mechanical or simply formal.

To design the interiors, IED students used the most modern digital technologies with sketches, 3D models, renderings, animations and IHM (Human Machine Interface) solutions. No mention, however, on the characteristics of the hydrogen-powered powertrain. On the other hand, the choice of the name of the supercar is curious. 4810 is, in fact, a very precise reference to the height of Mont Blanc.

This mythical peak, the highest in the Alps, is located on the border between Italy and France, like a bridge between IED and the Marca Alpine. The car manufacturer, with its own name, pays tribute to the pleasure of driving on mountain roads.

To participate in this project, even partners such as Pirelli and OZ Racing.

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