Iliad and WindTre together for 5G networks: possible agreement in sight

The collaboration, the source says, will affect the remote areas of the country, and will be used to share the costs for the implementation of the 5G network, simultaneously reducing the investment costs for each of the two companies. Moreover, between Iliad and WindTre, there is a particular relationship: it is precisely from the merger of Wind and Tre that the space for the entry of the fourth Italian operator was formed, and it is to the WindTre infrastructures that the French operator has entrusted in its initial phase for the diffusion of the signal. Even today, despite the 9,000 mobile sites it owns, it relies on roaming on the WindTre network in areas where its signal does not yet arrive.

According to the agreement, WindTre should “give in” to one subsidiary created ad hoc 7,000 of its mobile sites which currently cover 27% of the Italian population living in remote areas, e Iliad would participate with a 50% stake. The joint venture would thus reach a value of between 600 and 900 million euros and would deal with the development and maintenance of the 5G network in remote areas of our country.

The possible positive conclusion of the agreement for the creation of a new company between WindTre and Iliad would in any case be subject to approval by the competent authorities.

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