Instagram introduces a new way to protect yourself from trolls: Moderators arrive

Live shows on social media are an increasingly popular way to communicate and get in touch with your audience in an interactive way. The key to success, of course, lies in the possibility for users to intervene: and it is precisely here that the problems associated with this tool also lurk. In fact, the stream of comments can contain spam, insults and so on and so forth, put more: for this reason Instagram is introducing something new to allow these phenomena to be mitigated more effectively.

In fact, anyone who starts a live broadcast will have the possibility to appoint other users Moderators (a bit like it has been happening for a long time, for example, on Twitch), thus giving them the opportunity to report comments, block those of some harassing users or ban them directly (not on the social network at all, but limited to the live in question).

To appoint a moderator, simply open the menu on the comments bar, and at that point choose a specific user via search or by choosing from a list of suggestions provided by the app.

The fact that Instagram is beginning to make the management of live broadcasts more articulated is both a symptom of the problems that these inevitably harbor in their nature, and of the will of the social network to push in this direction, which although not among its original fulcrums evidently begins to be increasingly appreciated by creators of various kinds, with the need therefore to provide more control tools to prevent the interaction from being too chaotic.

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