iPhones sold without charger, extra revenue of € 6 billion

Apple’s environmental goal was clear right from the start: away the “superfluous” for reduce packaging footprint volumes by 70%resulting in a cut of 2 million tons of carbon emissions every year, equivalent to 450,000 fewer cars on the roads around the world.

But beyond that, there is also a purely economic objective: smaller packaging means more iPhones per pallet, therefore significant savings along the logistics chain. And in addition to this it must be added that not all buyers of a new iPhone have a charger or a pair of earphones at home. inherited from a few previous generations, a fact that necessarily led them to make the purchase separately with consequences on the portfolio, as we have been able to analyze in the past, because a cut in the accessories was not followed by a desired cut in the sale price.

From September 2020 to date, approximately 190 million iPhones soldand the savings obtained by Apple for the mere fact of having reduced the packaging by eliminating the superfluous would have brought the 6 billion euros mentioned above into the company’s pockets. To these would then be added an additional 270 million euros for the separate sale of accessories.

(updated February 28, 2022, 09:27 am)

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