ISS, Russia guarantees the return to Earth of the US astronaut aboard the Soyuz

The NASA astronaut’s activity aboard the ISS had been extended by a few months to allow him to carry out some experiments. His expedition is now over, and he is expected to return home later this month in the company of cosmonauts Roscosmos Anton Shkaplerov (mission commander) and Pyotr Dubrov. There are those who had hypothesized the rrefusal by Russia to transport the American astronaut aboard the Soyuz MS-19, bringing back only the two Roscosmos members to Kazakhstan. The fear was not entirely unfounded, moreover: this theme also entered the Kremlin’s propaganda.

Yes, because some media certainly exaggerated in reporting sensational news, but it is also true that the number one of the Russian space agency Dmitry Rogozin it certainly did not contribute to making people happy. First has threatened to bring down the ISS in Europe or the United Statesthen tweeted a representation of the relations between Russia, Ukraine and NATO with Tom and Jerrythen again shared on social networks a video of the astronauts aboard the ISS which, as edited, suggested that only Russian cosmonauts were actually returning to Earth (you can find it in the VIA).

They are jokes“, they say from Russia. But the fact is that, at this moment, it is really difficult to understand where the jokes – and the jokes – end and where the real threats begin. Unfortunately we are back in the midst of a cold war (and not only cold), and squabbles of this kind only make the atmosphere even heavier.

And so, in a surreal atmosphere – the astronauts who will return to Earth will notice it – the “joking” threats to disconnect the Russian modules are followed reassurances both on Vande Hei’s return home and on the future of the joint project: we will continue to work togetherthe Russian space agency said.

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