Kuo: iPhone 14 still with A15 Bionic processor, the A16 only on Pro models

iPhone 14 Pro And iPhone 14 Pro Max with A16 processor and “standard” models, both in normal and Max versions (there should no longer be the mini), still with a A15 Bionic processor, the same as the current iPhone 13 range and the iPhone SE 2022 launched in recent days. This is prediction of Ming-Chi Kuoa well-known analyst of TF Securities, who is now considered a very reliable source in relation to advances on Apple products.

According to Kuo, therefore, Apple would have decided to implement a new differentiation strategy as for the future iPhones, initially reserving a new processor only for the “Pro” models and then bringing it to the standard models the following year.

If this prediction turns out to be correct, it would be another important breaking point between the standard and “Pro” models of the iPhone range after nearly a decade. The last time Apple did this was in 2013, when the A7 was used on the iPhone 5S and the A6 processor of the year before on the iPhone 5C. Recent rumors also point to a more marked aesthetic differentiation due toabandonment of the notch on the Pros in favor of two holes in the display. The “notch”, on the other hand, should remain in place on standard models.

Another difference, the analyst said in a tweet, could be related to the type of memory used. For all four models of the iPhone 14, in fact, they would be expected 6 GB of RAM but for the standard models it would be LPDDR 4X while on the Pro it would be used some LPDDR 5 faster and up to 30% more efficient from the point of view of consumption.

Currently, we recall, both iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 integrate 4GB of memory against the 6GB of the Pro models. This same RAM differentiation was also present on the iPhone 12 range. another analyst, Jeff Pu of Haitong International Securities, said the iPhone 14 Pro would be equipped with 8 GB of RAM.

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