LOL: Who laughs is out third season coming up, it’s official!

Although few had any doubts, the official nature was missing, but now not even that since Prime Video has confirmed that LOL: Who laughs is out will return again with a third season Next year. The confirmation came a few weeks after the show ended and one weeks after the arrival of the bonus episode with unpublished content, a sign that this edition too had a great success with the public.

Produced by EndemolShine Italy, LOL: Who laughs is out is an adaptation of the popular Japanese series Amazon Original, HITOSHI MATSUMOTO Presents Documental, produced and starring Hitoshi Matsumoto who draws ten comedians into a “battle of laughter” behind closed doors. Specifically, it is a challenge between ten professional comedians who must remain serious for six consecutive hours trying, at the same time to make their opponents laugh, to win a final prize of 100,000 euros that will go to a charity chosen by the winner.

It is a successful format that has been replicated in many other countries including ours, and which after two successful seasons will continue further with a third. Here are the words of Nicole Morganti, Head of Italian Originals at Amazon Studios, who officially confirmed it.

“LOL: Who Laughs Is Out reconfirms itself as the record-breaking comedy show and we are thrilled to announce the third season, which we hope will continue to bring smiles and cheer to Prime Video viewers.”

This second season saw comedians such as Virginia Raffaele, Corrado Guzzanti, Diana Del Bufalo, Maccio Capatonda, Maria Di Biase, Mago Forest, Alice Mangione, Gianmarco Pozzoli, Tess Masazza and Max Angioni challenge each other with gags. C.

But there is a question that everyone is clearly asking, that is, who will be the new comedians protagonists of the third season? Of course Amazon has not talked about it and we will have to wait several months to find out, so if you have not seen the first two seasons you could take the opportunity to catch up. Good vision!

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