macOS 12.3, update problems on MacBook M1 with replaced logic board

The latest macOS Monterey update, released publicly in recent days, is causing problems for Macs on which logic boards have been replaced.

According to the many reports that are coming in a specific thread in the Apple developer forum, users have a Mac whose logic board has been replacedespecially MacBook Pros with M1 and the most recent 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, are experiencing errors, bootloops or, at worst, a total Mac freeze, when updating to macOS 12.3 coming from macOS 12.2 .1 or earlier.

To cause these problems would be a bug present in the new firmware and the only way to “fix”, in case the Mac does not restart after the update sequences, would be just to try to perform a recovery by putting the computer in DFU manually and reinstalling version 12.2.1 which will also allow to keep all data. This process, however, requires users to have a second Mac available.

At the moment, it is not advisable to go to an Apple Store to receive assistance where the only solution offered will be to replace the logic board again, which will not be able to solve the problem anyway. At present, Apple has not yet commented on or acknowledged this specific issue.

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