Moon Knight, the series is getting closer and closer: here is poster and new video

Moon Knight is getting closer: the new TV miniseries will arrive exclusively on Disney Plus on March 30, and so Marvel has decided to release new content to keep the interest from fans high. Not only do we have the posters, which highlight the transformation into a superhero of the character played by Oscar Isaac, but also a short video featurette that tells a little background on the genesis of the series and what to expect.

In addition to Oscar Isaac, famous among other things for playing Poe Dameron in the new Star Wars trilogy (also Disney), the cast will include Ethan Hawke, who will play main antagonist Arthur Harrow, May Calamawy, Gaspard Ulliel (recently deceased in a skiing accident) and Lucy Thackeray. F. Murray Abraham will provide the voice for Khonshu, the ancient Egyptian god of the moon through whom Mark Spector becomes Moon Knight.

Moon Knight was born in the world of comics in the now distant 1975. The masked vigilante is the alter ego of Marc Spector, a former marine and mercenary with a dissociative identity disorder. Following a traumatic encounter with the Egyptian god Khonshu, Spector decides to fight crime to redeem his violent past. A bit like the Punisher, Moon Knight has no particular superpowers, but unlike Frank Castle, he focuses more on agility and hand-to-hand than on firearms.

The trailers shown so far and the statements of the authors and protagonists indicate very clearly that the series will focus a lot on the mental health problems of the character. There will be six episodes in all and, as usual, they will arrive on a weekly basis – ironically, the last one is scheduled for May 4th, Star Wars Day.

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