New electric Ford Puma: and if so?

Ford had announced, a few days ago, that by 2024 it will introduce 7 new electric vehicles in Europe. Specifically, these are 3 cars and 4 commercial vehicles. Speaking of the cars, in 2024 the electric version of the Ford Puma will arrive. A very important news considering that the Puma is the best-selling model of the blue oval house in the Old Continent. Unfortunately, no particular information has been disclosed on this new electric model.

We know, however, that it will not rely on the MEB platform that Ford will use for two of its new electric models destined for the European market. The American manufacturer, we recall, has an agreement with Volkswagen to be able to exploit its platform. The future electric Ford Puma will therefore be based on the current Global-B platform used by the endothermic Puma. As reported by some rumors, it will be a battery version of the current model and not a new car. What will the new electric be like? A render therefore tries to imagine the appearance of the future electric vehicle.

The look will be very similar to that of the endothermic car. The biggest differences are likely to be present at the level of the front with the grille closed since there is no internal combustion engine. A front that will have some references to that of the Ford Mustang Mach-E with the closed grille in the same color as the bodywork and a frame in glossy black. Compared to the current endothermic model there could also be some tweaks to the headlights and bumpers as the electric Puma should be based on the restyling of the endothermic model that should debut next year.

There will also likely be differences in the interior with some new infotainment features specific to electric cars. And the powertrain? For the moment there are no indications. However, we can think of an electric motor of about 100-110 kW and a battery capable of offering at least 350 km according to the WLTP cycle. Once on the market, the new electric vehicle will compete with the likes of the Peugeot e-2008 and Opel Mokka-e.

There will, however, be time to find out more details about the electric Puma as there is still some time left for its debut. Recall, however, that in 2023 Ford will debut the first battery-powered model based on the MEB platform, a crossover.

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