Oculus Move: Physical activity data arrives on the app and Apple Health

Oculus Move has greatly improved the use of Meta viewers for performance of physical activity – we also talked about it in a special -, thanks to the ability to track activity time and calorie consumption while using VR games. Unfortunately, however, this function has always been relegated to the Oculus ecosystem only, which it has limited consultation of data and their use exclusively within the VR environment, but things are about to change.

Meta has indeed announced that, starting from next monthit will be possible access the data recorded by Oculus Move even outside of VR and this will happen through the integration of information within the Oculus companion app available on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. This way you will be able to get all the information on physical activity and goals achieved without having to wear a helmet, as they will be easily accessible.

IOS users will be able to count on a little deeper integration since the data can also be synchronized with the Apple Health appin order to integrate them with all those recorded by other devices – for example Apple Watch – to have a more complete picture of all the activity carried out daily.

The news are undoubtedly welcome and allow devices such as Oculus Quest 2 to become increasingly effective in this field as well. At the moment there are no official indications regarding support for Google Fit, but it will probably come in the future.

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