Our Team

It is our writers at the end of the day who rack their brains to simplify concepts that may be rather complex. Their hard work is what allows us to stand tall in our industry. 

Scarlett Rodriguez – Founder

Scarlett Rodriguez was a no-newbie to the startup world when she quit her full-time job to start her own venture. She had a rich experience of working with several companies some of which were well established and some were just trying to make their way in the world.

However, during her own journey, she realized all the difficulties that she had probably not anticipated. Overcoming them all one by one, one fine day she finally managed to launch US-JPRI. It started off slowly but once readers got engaged the website grew by leaps and bounds mainly from the word of mouth.

In a recent interview with Everday Tech Magazine, she mentioned how nobody believed in her project when she initially began working on it: “People were more focused on creating products rather than platforms. Everyone thought that my project was doomed to fail, but our readers proved all these veterans and experts wrong. There was after all a market for a rich and user-friendly platform if you built it right.”

She feels her readers are the cause behind her success and continues to bank on them to reward the company for all the hard work they are putting in towards enriching the experience of users.

Michael Walker – Writer

With two full scholarships and a five-year experience at the most reputed publishing house, Michael Walker had the kind of resume that was always a topic of envy and discussion in the writing field.

To be one of the most sought-after writers at the young age of 28 years is an achievement in itself. When Michael quit his high-paying job at a company that operated globally, he was looking to create something more meaningful with his writing.

He stumbled upon an article that mentioned the founder Scarlett and the startup she was working on which seemed quite interesting to Michael. 

In no time he was working with the company that was about to be launched. He managed to revamp the whole writing department and structure the team in a way that has given fruitful rewards for the website. He is content with the kind of writing he is doing today and looks forward to innovating more by staging with the company.