Precious NFT of a stone sold off by mistake, collector is astonished

Can a stone be worth millions of dollars? The first answer that comes to mind is: yes, it depends on what minerals it contains, or even what history it has behind it. Instead, let’s take a stone – or a piece of rock – whatever. Would it be worth millions of dollars? Perhaps one would instinctively say “no, it’s not worth it”. Last step: can a drawing of a stone be worth millions of dollars? Answer: yes, it can.

And let’s not bother Raffaello or Canaletto, let’s just talk about a series of clipart all the same (only the shades of color change) that are proposed on the platform Etherrock, collection of 100 stone drawings. If we do not bother the great painters, then the only reason why a clipart of a stone can have a certain value is that of the NFT, which in recent months have made us understand that everything it can be offered for sale in the form of an intangible, digital object – non-fungible token. Even Pablo Picasso – despite him – is even part of this strange world.

So it happened that an NFT stone collector decided to put one up for sale, listed on the market 1.07 million euros. Too bad that for an oversight he uploaded it to the Etherrock platform indicating 444 wei, and not 444 ETH. To realize the mess, 1 ETH equals 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 wei, basically 444 wei equals … nothing. And before realizing it, the seller saw the non-fungible token slip away: sold it.

Can the bot have mercy?“, wrote the collector on Twitter. Probably not, since the same stone is back for sale on Etherrock, this time with a new owner and with a value of 234 ETH, about 570,000 euros.


Etherrock is a platform born in 2017 on the Ethereum blockchain that last year went viral: hence the absurd prices of this collection of 100 stones / stones which are nothing more than the same clipart with slightly different color shades. In short, the shape does not change either. Consider that one of these had received an offer of 900 ETH, 2.2 million euros.

Refund requests are vain for now: after all, with bots there is little to do (and obviously also with those who manipulate them), they have no feelings and their only purpose is to to be a little quicker than the others (bot), just enough to grab useless stones.

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