Samsung Galaxy S22, the camera put under pressure in the analysis of DxOMark

Compact, beautiful, well built, with a top display: as we explained in our review, there are many reasons to be attracted to the new Galaxy S22by Samsung. And among these there is also a photographic sector improved over the Galaxy S21 predecessor. But it will be enough to position yourself in the higher areas of the ranking of DxOMark?

The overall score of 126 points: high, but not very high, and worth a 23rd place in the overall ranking dominated by the P50 Pro of Huawe with 144 points.

According to theanalysis ofDxOMarkGalaxy S22 (with Exynos 2200, and therefore the one marketed in Europe) offers an excellent white balance, good exposure (even in flash shots, where the detail is high) and wide dynamic range, beautiful colors in the shots with the zoom of the telephoto camera , and it contains in a really appreciable way the noise levels in low light conditions. As for the videos the stabilization during the shooting proves to be very effective, the dynamic range is confirmed wide both indoors and outdoors and the exposure remains good. Finally, the rendering of colors and shades of the skin is beautiful.

Turning to the painful notes, DxOMark emphasizes a somewhat lazy autofocus, the tendency to lose fine detail and softness of the corners, the presence of artifacts in the images including ghosting and change of tone.

But actually for the shots the defects are minor, while they thicken more on the video front which pay for the lack of detail in close-up shots with the tele camera, a not exactly negligible presence of noise, the narrowing of the dynamic range and an improved white balance in recordings made in low light conditions. And always when there is not much light, or indoors, the autofocus becomes more unstable.

Over time, however, Samsung has shown that it intervenes with good frequency via software to improve the photographic performance of its devices, as well as to introduce new functions such as Expert Raw: therefore it is possible that in the future things will improve further for Galaxy S22.

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(updated February 28, 2022, 01:27 am)

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