Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4: production and rumors advance

Eyes on Samsung and the next steps to renew the foldable Galaxy offer. In the last few hours, new rumors have been spread about Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, which, barring surprises, will be presented in the summer, probably in August like the previous generation models. The information comes from a Korean source (the Naver blog) and Ross Young, founder of DSCC, who is often well informed about Samsung’s affairs.


It starts with a note on Galaxy Z Fold 4especially on his flexible screen that will be made even more resistant thanks to a new generation UTG panel. Ultra thin glass debuted with the Galaxy Z Flip and was later used in the other Galaxy folding smartphones: Z Fold 2, Fold 3, Flip 3 and Flip 5G. It is therefore not excluded that the same glass will also be used on the next Z Flip 4, but for now the source does not mention it.

As for the intrinsic qualities of the new UTG it is only said that it will have improved hardness and quality. To underline the step forward in substantial terms, Samsung could decide to introduce it with a change of name, eg. Super UTG. It is still unclear whether the new UTG will allow a standard S Pen to be used with the next Z Fold, without requiring the version specifically developed for the fold – as was the case with the current Z Fold 3.


Ross Young instead provides a detail about Galaxy Z Flip 4 flexible screen supplies, confirming that the project is about to go live with the production phase. Samsung Display will begin shipping the panels of the next Flip next month, similar to that followed in 2021 for supplies destined for the Galaxy Z Flip 3. This year, however. Samsung is pushing the accelerator on production even further.

It is estimated that Samsung Display will supply 8.7 million flexible panels for the Z Flip 4 in 2022, compared to 5.1 million sent in 2021 to make the Z Flip 3. Not surprisingly, if we reflect on the fact that the Flip range has managed, generation after generation, to capture the attention of the public more than the older Fold brothers – see . sales figures in the Korean market – also thanks to the lower price that allows you to try a leaflet with a lower outlay.


The fragmentary indications above are then added to further rumors always coming from the Korean blog Naver who try to draw a more complete picture of the next leaflets. These are advances to be taken with the benefit of the doubt, also because there are still several months to go before launch, but, in summary, rumors this year they go in the direction of changes concentrated mainly under the bodywithout substantial aesthetic changes. The source points out that Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4compared with the previous generation, they will have:

  • almost unchanged exterior design
  • main display format substantially unchanged
  • improved weight and zipper
  • slight improvement of the camera
  • almost the same battery life
  • no significant price changes
  • S Pen integrated into the body not yet confirmed (there was no lack of rumors about the Z Fold 4 in this regard)

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