Spotify, more control and new features for collaborative playlists

Spotify has decided to refresh the collaborative playlists, launched in 2020 at the same time as YouTube, introducing new functionality and greater control. Collaborative playlists, remember, not only allow you to share your musical discoveries and podcasts but they also allow other users to modify and customize them.

With the new update soon to be released by Spotify, users will be able to invite and remove other users or decide to make a collaborative playlist private limiting the listening, the research and the visualization only to the people to whom the access has been granted. At any time, this list of people can be changed.

These news come a few months later from other important changes that allow you to have greater control over your account. These include the ability to block other users. A function present in all social networks, but which was still missing on Spotify which only allowed you not to see updates from other people, not vice versa.

Spotify, which in recent months has exceeded the threshold of 400 million monthly active users, of which 180 million paying users, has signed an important agreement with Barcelona in recent days to become their Main Partner and Official Audio Streaming Partner for four seasons starting from 2022/2023. According to rumors, the agreement, which is only awaited for ratification by the Extraordinary Assembly of Delegates, provides for an outlay of 75 million dollars a year.

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