The charging network on the motorway is growing: new stations in Secchia Est and Giove Ovest

Dispose of charging points on the motorway it is essential to facilitate long-distance travel by electric cars. We also know how Italy is behind from this point of view. The plan of ASPI (Autostrade per l’Italia) plans to arrive at equip 100 service areasalong the motorway network it manages, of a charging station by June 2023. The goal by the end of 2022 is to cover 50 service areas with the charging service.

This project, as we know, is powered by Free To X, the new company created by the Autostrade per l’Italia Group. At the beginning of March we saw how the number of active recharging points on the motorway network had not grown in recent months, even though the number of planned service areas had increased. The promise, however, was that some of the new charging stations under construction would soon be activated.

Promise kept because it was communicated that now you can recharge your electric car even in the service areas of East Secchia – A1 Milan-Bologna e West Jupiter – A1, Florence-Rome. In both cases we will find 6 multi-client charging points which will allow you to make a full charge of energy to one maximum power up to 300 kW.

There is also further good news. Free To X, in fact, has made it known that until the completion of the project an average of 6/7 charging stations will be launched each month. Therefore, over the next few months we will see an acceleration of the recharging point installation project. This is certainly good news, hoping that the deadlines are really respected.

Electric users are well aware of how long they had to wait to see the first installation of fast charging points within motorway sections. The total investment for the 100 high-power charging stations is 75 million euros. Once the installation plan is completed, on the 100 service areas of the network, the average distance between one charging area and the next will be approximately 50 km.

Free To X underlines that the energy supplied to recharge electric cars comes only from renewable sources.

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