The secrets of Mac Studio in the video that takes it apart: the SSD seems to be upgradeable

Only ten days have passed since the announcement of Mac Studio, a completely new product that expands the Apple catalog. There are still many curiosities about the product, and if yesterday we learned directly from Cupertino why the version with M1 Ultra weighs 1kg more than the one with M1 Pro, today is already the time to take a look at how it is done inside a Mac. Study.

The first units in fact began to end up in the hands of reviewers in the United States, and there are those who immediately went to work to pack a video teardown. It was the YouTuber Max Tech who took apart the Mac Studio in a hurry, and it was not an easy task: but it was worth it.


As per Apple tradition, Mac Studio is also a product with extremely refined design, smooth, with hidden screws and joints, to the point that looking at it it looks like a monolithic block, inaccessible, a pure and closed form, born as it is. is, done and over.

But Apple’s Magic Box is accessible, and how: that’s it remove the rubber ring which is located at the base and gives stability to the device on the surfaces to find four screws. At that point it is sufficient to unscrew them et voilĂ , the interior of the Mac Studio is served.


And obviously, like all bitten apple products, the aesthetics are also taken care of inside with the various components visually uniform by a gray finish. The most interesting aspect concerns the SSD: Apple indicates that the storage space “it is not accessible to the user“, and advises those customers who believe they may need additional space in the future”consider configurations with higher capacity“.

However, within Mac Studio there are two relatively accessible SSD slots: which suggests that Apple may offer the option to upgrade the SSD in the future. It would be, after all, a solution already seen with Mac Pro, for which Cupertino sells an SSD upgrade kit.

The video also shows how the integrated SSD module can be moved from one slot to another: another element that suggests a modular and upgradeable future. As for the unified memory, however, there is no doubt or mystery: it is soldered to the chip, and therefore there is no mention of updating it.


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