Voi Technology, the new Voiager 5 electric scooter is safer and more sustainable

You Technology, a micro-mobility company offering sharing services in Europe, has announced the introduction of its latest generation of electric scooters. It’s about the model Voiager 5 designed to be even safer and more sustainable. In Italy, this new electric scooter model will be available in Milan and Rome. Let’s see its main features.


The company says that to design its new electric scooter it started from the strengths of the Voiager 4 that is characterized to be already equipped with arrows. One of the goals was to make the new model one of the benchmarks for lifespan. Voiager 5, therefore, is composed from elements that are easy to repair and reuse and mainly consist of recycled materials: more than double that of previous models. This means that the new electric scooter is also more sustainable. In fact, it is fully compliant with the Circular Vehicle Program, Voi’s strategic plan which aims to make the company CO2 neutral by 2030.

Speaking of the other innovations, Voiager 5 also features an updated dashboard design, integrated support for the smartphone and automatic turning off of the direction arrows. To ensure greater safety on “difficult” surfaces such as on the cobblestones of Milan or the cobblestones of Rome, the new scooter has a larger front wheel than the previous modela thicker tread and better cushioning.

Furthermore, the distance between the ground and the platform has been increased to allow the wheels to better deal with any holes in the road surface, allowing the user to move more easily in the city. Voi Technology has also paid a lot of attention to the brakes that have been optimized to be more resistant and robust. The cables are of the latest generation, reinforced vandalism proof and guarantee an easier revision of the brakes.

For the design of the new electric scooter, the company has taken into account the mobility needs of different communities and targets such as women, people with different abilities and the elderly. For example, the new model features a more ergonomic handlebar where the brakes, turn signal switch and bell are easier to reach, even for those with small hands.

The entire Voiager 5 fleet is equipped with the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology, thanks to which users will be able to finish their rides at designated parking points with an accuracy of less than one meter. Finally, on scooters, users and non-users can report any incorrect parking spaces directly to the Voi team simply by scanning the QR code with their smartphone’s camera. In this way, the company team will be able to intervene in a short time.

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