YouTube brings text transcription of videos to Android as well

There transcription of videos uploaded to YouTube lands on Android. The function was currently active only on the desktop version of the platform, it will now be possible to access it even from smartphones and tablets equipped with the Google operating system. This is a particularly useful tool when you want to search for a specific part multimedia content without necessarily having to manually scroll the entire video. Think how useful it can be for long-form videos …

The full text transcript was introduced by Mountain View last year on the desktop version of YouTube only. Now even owners of Android devices will be able to save time by finding that part of the text they want by simply clicking on the button Transcription. Viewing is perhaps not as comfortable as on your PC, given in this case the small size of the display, but it is still an alternative – and simpler – way to quickly and easily search for what you want or even for follow the video itself with the entire transcript at a glance.

To access it, you need to expand the description below the video and click “Show transcript”: it will appear between the chapters and suggestions. The update appears to be taking place server side, therefore, not all Android users have the ability to view the new function on their smartphone. And you, have you already received it?

Credits opening image: Pixabay

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